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Why GR for Students ?

GR is not just a simple student accommodation. GR strives to give you a hassle free, all-inclusive service because it is an operating hotel. Our aim is to provide excellence in student comfort and living.

At GR there are no extras or hidden costs once you are checked-in. Our facilities have single or shared-double rooms, fitted with all the comforts and details expected of a modern purpose built student accommodation. Think of GR as a hotel than an ordinary student accommodation where all your needs are taken care of and there are no extra costs. All you need to bring is your suitcase and we will take care of the rest.

Other student alternatives are typically either rented apartments or student accommodations where you are able just to rent the room. Once this is done, students are responsible for all other expenses such as electricity, water, food, cleaning, etc. On top of the extra charges, students need to spend valuable study time on daily chores such as shopping for food, cooking, cleaning, paying utility bills and other services. Additionally, if you have rented an apartment, you must also buy furnishings, a TV and other daily essentials.

By contrast, at GR, all the above are included in your bill. Once checked-in, you simply participate with your studies and extra-curricular activities. Your rooms are furnished with a TV, minibar and water kettle. Your bedding is provided and room cleaning services are offered twice a week. Our dining room provides our students with a high quality breakfast and dinner on a daily basis. There is a fitness centre, free health insurance, study areas and a terrace with a swimming pool. If you require any additional services, these will be provided for you on demand for extra charges which are all listed in the GÖR App.

Our students ‘ experience GR as providing the comforts and convenience of staying in a luxury hotel, while simultaneously providing a unique social and working environment, which cannot be found elsewhere in TRNC.



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